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(a review from HeartAttack #24)
Fall Silent - Superstructure LP
Political, powerful, and positive!! A fucking band that
embraces the 3 P's in life.  12 songs of fury backed
with fire and with an enormous sound that can only be
captured if turned to volume 11.  By far, this is the
best album they have done.  This time they brought with
them "the lonely, the tired, the hopeless, and the
living dead" to gain their revenge on the exploitative
practices enslaving their bodies and minds.  This album
is one of empowerment and strength and provides the
capacity to foster revolutionary thought.  Fucking
incredible hardcore.  As I stated in their last review
I did years ago, the Reno-volution is coming and Fall
Silent are the anthem band to supply the threat.
(Review by Steve Oaki).
Fall Silent
P.O. Box 15051
Reno, NV  89507