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Adam (guitar)
Adam started his musical journey of Mayhem in 1994 when he got his first guitar. He ripped it up in guitar lessons for a year and a half, and then journeyed on to a hardcore band called Brave. They were together for a year and playing one house party. After a member change they formed another hardcore band called None Less Worthy. This band also did a huge tour of one New Year's Eve party. Then Adam went on hiatus for a year to rest from the trying times of these two shows. Then getting back together with the drummer of N.L.W., they started the metal hardcore mayhem of Acclamation Of Bonds, stealing their name from an Emperor song. They played quite a few shows in Arizona and recorded one song,("In Cursive") on a four track, which you could only find on They played one show in Tucson With Papa Roach and after broing out with the band, A.O.B took a turn for the worse they came to a mutual agreement that Larry did not like Rob. So Rob was removed from the band due to Larry being a baby. Then shady Jeff joined the band. One show with Shady Jeff led to the end of the band. Then Adam took another hiatus from the tough schedule of this hard driving band. Adam was then asked by Larry from his former band to play bass in Ashes To Angels. For six months they played shows all over AZ and one world tour of Reno with the crap band Unconquered. Adam was then asked to play in Structure Of Lies (Coronach) which Larry was TRYING to fill in on bass as well. Adam took the offer and Larry, like a big baby, quit the band and kicked Adam out of Ashes To Angels and pissed in Adam's gas tank. Now Adam is ripping it up with Structure Of Lies, where he truly belongs, and where his talent can be appreciated. SUCK IT BAGBOY!