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New Logo and site coming soon, sorry we have the old shit up forever, but it's better than nothing.

The split CD/10" is being worked on hard. We're hoping to get it mastered this week, just waiting for the Iranach CD to arrive in the mailbox. Art is being done and we're hoping for our logo to be done sometime this week. is just about set to go. A few minor details are being taken care of and of course a logo. Meanwhile, keep an eye on . Shows: Well, we're supposed to play this Wednesday at the Boys and Girls club with Antagony, ,End of All, and Boof from California. The guy who runs the place has neglected to call me back from the many messages I've left him, so I haven't spoken to him since the initial set up of the show a few weeks ago ,but as far as we know, it's on. i will send another email if things don't happen. (Directions at the bottom). August 19th: We will be opening for Conflict at Boston's. Buy your tickets soon as a lot of people want to see these Peace Punk Legends as they haven't come West since the 80's. August 31st: Also at Boston's with Phobia (recently seen on Real TV smashing Japanese fans faces in), Vehemence, Burn Victim, and Sea of Depravation. This show will rule. The Boys and Girls Club: Take the 101 North into Scottsdale and get off on Indian School. Turn right and go about five stop signs down to Mesa Dr. Take a left and then take your first left into the Red Mt. Vista Neighborhood. The Boys and Girls Club is a little ways down on the left. I would arrive by 6:30 or 7:00. We may play first.

7/14/01 Ok, so, we have another show at the Boys and Girls club on August 1st, it will be with several grind bands from California:Antagony, End of All, and Boof. There's a possibility that Burial and Purgatoria from Mass. might play, but still waiting to hear. This will be an earlier show though probably with doors at 6:00 and bands starting at 7:00. I will be sending out more info. as the date gets closer and keep an eye out for flyers. We will also be playing on Aug. 31st with Phobia, Vehemence, Burn Victim, and Sea of Depravation. This will be at Boston's. Other News: Iranach is recording today for the split and they've sent us a new demo that is amazingly brutal. The sickest, lowest vocals you've ever heard. The art has already been in progress for a while and I should be mastering it in the next two weeks. We're hoping for an early September release. We're also trying to get on the Immolation/Krisiun show, but it's not looking good.

7/01/01 *****Wednesday's Show********** is definitely moved to Buddha's lounge 835 w. 22nd st. #105 in tempe off of Broadway and Hardy. Get there at 7:00. Things are probably a little confusing on here as some updates didn't work. But, Chris Rutledge formerly of Heartless Attack is our new bassist and we hope to have him show ready by sometime in August. The split 10"/CD is now gonna be on Deep Six records as we got some weirdness from Willowtip. Misery Index backed out to do their CDEP on Relapse. So, the split is now with a great band from New Hampshire called Iranach,, (in the vein of Gorgasm, Suffocation etc.). They're an awesome band and play death metal with a band consisting of hardcore kids like us, so we're happy to share the record with them.

6/27/01 We're playing next Wednesday/4th of July at the Buddha Lounge (new Lucky Dragon club)with the Autumn Theory, Ashes To Angels, Existi, Esoteric, and one other band. I'm assuming showtime is 6:00 or so. Other News: We finished the recording for the split CD/10" with Iranach that will now be on Deep Six Records. We hope to have it out by August and should be up soon. The new logo will be here any day. A snippit of the recording will be on very soon. Upcoming Shows: August 31st Phobia, Vehemence, Burn Victim, Sea of Deprevation, and Structure of Lies ath Boston's. We may be doing a Boys and Girls club show again next month as the last one went really wel

6/12/01 As most of you Phoenician's know, the Nile has been shut down by the city for some bullshit reasons, (the city said there was some things that weren't architecturally sound, actually, the city representatives just don't like it being there.) By tommorrow morning we will know if they will be back open for the Fall Silent/Deadbodieseverywhere show. If not, we're are considering and trying to find alternate venues. Anyone with contacts please write back. This show should happen. Any help would be appreciated. We'll keep you updated.

5/22/01 Well, after a discouraging discovery of another death metal band called Coronach that has a Cd out already, we are changing our name to Structure of Lies. We figured we have a new lineup and a new sound, but the same songs, so we're gonna change the name and call the upcoming LP "Coronach". The new members are doing great and we have a line on a permanent bassist, which is great, as we'll have time to train him while BJ is still playing with us until the end of August. Other news: We'll be recording June 23rd and 24th for the split with Misery Index (ex-Dying Fetus). Willowtip is hoping for an August release to go with his Cephalic Carnage CDEP that he has coming out. We'll be playing June 16th with Fall Silent, Deadbodieseverywhere, Gehenna, Vehemence, and the Autumn Theory at the Nile. Hope everyone is doing well.

SHOW ARCHIVE: Nov 18, 2000 Green Room with Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, Cephalic Carnage, and Vader. Dec. 2000 Boston's with Dragbody April 14, 2001 Garage of Doom with Indwelling and When Heaven Bleeds July 4, 2001 Lucky Dragon with Autumn Theory, Existi, Disquiet, and Esoteric