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Bill Fees (drums) 
Bill started his education in playing  hardcore punk/metal in the early nineties in a band called Identity Unknown. He then went  on to form the crust/hardcore band Scourge 
who did a split 7" with crust/grind masters Deformed Conscience on Fetus Records. They played quite a bit around Arizona.  He later started the hardcore/crust/thrash band Uruk-Hai, which Ryan also was in.  They did a ten 
song EP on Fetus, played one show, and spawned Unruh.  Bill was the drummer for the five-year duration of Unruh, whose discography is rather large for a hardcore band. 

Unruh discography: 

Demo 1995 

Friendly Fire-7" 1996 on King of the Monsters 

Enewetak/Unruh split EP 1996 on Feast and Famine 

Misery Strengthened Faith LP(CD soon) 1997 on KOTM 

song on Cry Now, Cry Later Vol. ?? compilation CD 1997 
 (featuring the likes of Fear Factory, Eyehategod, Dystopia) 

Setting Fire To Sinking Ships LP/CD 1999 on Pessimiser 

Creation Is Crucifixion/Unruh split 7" 1999 on Willowtip 

song on Seven Deadly Sins box set compilation 2000 on Hater of God 

(Soon a discography CD with demo, rarities, and B sides) 

Unruh also did a west-coast tour with 
Wellington in 1996, a full US tour with Fall Silent in 1997, a west-coast tour with Bullyrag AKA Fucking Thunder in 1998, and a full European tour in 1999. Bill is also currently the best Barista in Arizona.