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Cory (vocals)
well lets see. I'm not much of a author, I'm a poet baby Okay, I started my first band back in the July of 99' called Backlash. Never went anywhere. Played for about 3 months and called it quits do to a flaky drummer. We were a fast paced scream punk band that was about as plain as you can get with 3 chord patterns up your ass! Then I joined Heartless Attack in May of 2000 after screaming in a drunken stuper in the front of a house party, I was immediatly in the band. Heartless had been around a year before I had joined and we as played my first show in August. After that we were on a roll playing shows almost every week either destroying somebodies house or breaking equiptment at a show. We broke a whole lot of other people's equiptment. I left the band in April to join Coronach. Key highlights in Heartless were kicking the shit out of the guitarist from Welt at the Against All Authority show Playing a amazing New Years Eve party with a house full of kids going crazy and Destroying Round 2 parties